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Vedacharya Maunish Vyas teaches Veda Mantra Chanting to people who wish to transform their lives. With Veda Mantra Chanting, you can fill your life with positive vibrations and destroy negative energies in your environment.

Introduction to Vedacharya Maunish Vyasji

In 1983, Vedacharya Maunish Vyas had his first Darshan of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He was of an extremely impressionable age. Until then, he had no foundation of the Vedas or Sanskrit. The very next morning , as and when he heard the Sathya-Sai-Ashram-team chanting the Vedas, he began to hum the tunes with them. This was his ignition point. At this point he started getting strongly attracted to the Vedas. Until then, he had no formal background of the Vedas or Sanskrit.

After this igniting incident, a desire to chant Vedic mantras came all over him and he started chanting the Vedas by merely listening to audio cassettes. By Divine Grace, he found his first Guru after a few years who would teach him the Vedas.

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 Journey with Veda Guru

His Guru took Maunish Vyas all over India wherever he was conducting yajnas. Here Maunish met and interacted with Vedacharya of the eleven different branches of Veda.

After years of learning, Vedacharya Maunish Vyas himself teaches the Vedas all over India wherever Organisations invite him. So far he has conducted Veda teaching at seven states all over India and three countries in Europe.


Invitations from Various Parts of India

In February 2013 the University at Sri Sathya Sai Institute, invited him to conduct a weekend Veda Workshop for professors and students of the University. This was very well attended by professors from two of the main University campuses from Bangalore and Puttaparthi.

This long workshop was intended to highlight the universal nature of Veda.

Vedacharya Maunish Vyas says;

Vedas are mistakenly labelled as “Hindu” by most. Veda-revival is one of the two main reasons why God takes avatar from yuga to yuga. The Veda mantras were revealed by God Himself to various Rishis in their deepest meditations.

International Invitations

In Dec 2015, he was invited for a month-long-tour of France, Switzerland & Italy where he taught Veda, answered many doubts of learners and led four big events called ekaadasha-rudra-yajna. The brief report of this European tour may be seen at http://www.saiveda.net/index.php/en/rudra-ekadashini/Europe-2015


Many other Hindu Organisations have called upon him to teach.

  • Vedacharya Maunish Vyasji has taught Veda at an English Medium School run by the Shringeri Mattham at Kalady in Kerala, (the sacred birth-place of Adi-Shankaraachaarya).
  • He has taught Vedas at the Santraam Mandir Boarding School and the Bramharshi Veda paathashaalaa, both in Nadiad, Gujarat.
  • He has taught Veda at a residential CBSE English Medium School SSSVN, Navsari, Gujarat for over two years. This entire school chants the Vedas every single day at the morning assembly.
  • Since the last six years, Vedacharya Maunish Vyas offers Veda classes over Skype as well as personal and group classes. His classes are attended by students from different parts of the world including United States of America and France.

Media Presence

Radio Sai, a global radio stream of Sri Sathya Sai Organisations, broadcast portions of his Veda Workshop over nine Thursdays.

Books by Vedacharya Maunish Vyasji

Rudra Tattva Book By Vedacharya Maunish Vyasji

Several years ago, Vedacharya Maunish Vyasji received inspiration from the divine within and the works of his book titled “Rudra Tattva” (means the essence of Rudra), happened through him.

Author Speak

This book “Rudra Tattva” is a contemporary light shone upon one of the most ancient chants on Planet Earth: the Rudra hymns from the Yajurveda.

For the new reader, it explains: in easy-to-understand English; the broad significance of the Rudram liturgy. These can be found the end of each of the 22 sections in concisely summarised paragraphs. It also includes an overall summary of the entire book in just one page.

Book Review

For the keen reader, it provides a word-to-word meaning list, most often accompanied by its esoteric and spiritual significance, which most books of this kind do not adequately provide.

This work is a mini dictionary-cum-encyclopaedia for students of Vedas, ancient chants, comparative religions and Spiritualism.  For the Veda teacher, it provides an exhaustive exegesis with a wide ranging repertoire hitherto unavailable in any single publication of this kind.


This book is now on sale at Prasanthi Nilayam and selling in its second enlarged edition.

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