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Nadi Pariksha – General Checkup

Specialised  diagnosis of physical, mental and emotional health to aid in the early detection of symptoms. A quarterly Nadi Pariksha is recommended for both men and women age 40 and older.

Nadi Pariksha for Healthy Reproductive System

Diagnosis and treatment for couples having difficulties conceiving a child. Conventional therapies such as medication and surgery may not always help your dreams of parenthood come true. Nadi Pariksha allows us to diagnose hidden obstacles when advanced reproductive techniques are required.

Nadi Pariksha for Healthy Heart and Mind

Diagnosis and treatment for people who work excessive hours, late night hours and in night shifts have several physical and emotional  difficulties. Conventional therapies such as medication may not always help your dreams of a happy and healthy life come true. Nadi Pariksha allows us to diagnose hidden obstacles and support early detection of symptoms.

Nadi Pariksha to help People with Emotional Breakdown

When a person goes to a counsellor, the counsellor encourages the person to express. The expressions that the person brings out are essentially his or her perceptions. It is not the truth. There is always a reason for emotional breakdown. The situation which led to the breakdown could have been only the trigger and not the cause. Nadi Pariksha helps identify the root cause of your emotional breakdown. This helps us suggest the appropriate therapy to heal the emotional wounds.

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Marma Chikitsa Therapy

Specialised treatment for the body and mind are required to aid in the postponing of lifestyle related symptoms. A weekend Marma Chikitsa Treatment is recommended for both men and women age 40 and older.

Sleep Therapy

Treatment in Natural systems for people having difficulties in sleeping. Conventional therapies such as medication may not always help your dreams of a good nights sleep come true. Our natural method of Marma Chikitsa coupled with herbal remedies and supplements help us bring to you positive results.

Therapy for a Healthy Heart

The heart is an organ that is connected to your emotional behaviour. Marma Chikitsa helps release redundant emotional hurt feelings from the heart and rejuvenates your heart muscles. The mind, body and spirit function as one. Marma Chikitsa works at all the three levels and promotes healing at the deepest levels.

Therapy for a disturbed Mind

The mind is a plane in which we communicate and reciprocate. Inappropriate frequencies can create disturbances in the mind. Marma Chikitsa helps us release us from the clutches of such frequencies and restores calm and peace in us.

Therapy for a bad back

A sore back is an unwanted guest in our lives. Unavoidable food timings, disturbed sleep patterns due to demands from work, insecurities, loan commitments, fear of losing job are some of the known causes. Marma Chikitsa helps us release stiffness and restores proper flow of Prana into the muscles thereby healing the back.

Therapy for Migraines

Migraines can be caused by excess exposure to heat and from indigestion of foods to loss of sleep. Marma Chikitsa helps us channelise the flow of Prana so that the brain gets the required oxygen to be refreshed and rejuvenated. Migraine cure without medication is possible with Marma Chikitsa.

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Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Director, Nadichikitsa Wellness OPC Pvt Ltd

Emotional Therapy

We offer therapeutic care to restore health to people who have been psychologically and emotionally hurt. Care may include exercise, training in activities of daily living and education. Our Expert specialists offer comprehensive care and quickly restore you to your optimal health.

Emotional Therapy to Overcome Loss of Loved Ones

It is not easy to bear with the loss of a loved one. The only solace you can then draw is by remembering the good times we spent with them. However, it is near impossible to overcome the death of the family member. We have experienced specialists who can help you reduce your attachment to your thoughts and feelings about the person so that you can heal the loss. This will help you continue to love the person in your heart.

Emotional Therapy to Heal Trauma

An uncalled for experience can set off a trauma for life. Such trauma can cause gender hate. It can change the course of your life. We have the expertise to help you heal your past trauma so that you can once again feel free to be you.

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