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Why we stop loving ourselves?

Love and happiness are natural to us. As infants, we were bold and carefree and never hesitated to love. It was simply a reflection of who were. However, as we grew up, we learnt to be more like the adults around us. We learnt to question and resist. We learnt to quarrel and argue. It was a practice we didn’t need. It was a habit we never should have developed. Here we are, lost in the midst of loneliness, resentment and hate, sorrow and confusion. Now, we need to reclaim love and happiness with Siddha Jeeva Chikitsa.

Do you know that love heals all illnesses? Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy has demonstrated how love heals some of the most chronic illnesses and also physical damages to the body.

Restore Love and Happiness

To love and be happy is the easiest thing to do in life. Everything else takes preparation. However, the mind, trained to fear and not trust, causes us to postpone or avoid loving altogether. Love and happiness are questioned.

The fear of losing love is big on people’s mind. However, loving for no reason and happiness in all seasons is the best therapy for staying healthy at all times. To overcome fear one can simply practice Siddha Jeeva Chikitsa. Restore love and happiness today.

What is Siddha Jeeva Chikitsa?

Siddha Jeeva Chikitsa is a practice of loving oneself through a reflective process. It is impossible to love oneself unless one shares love. Once love is shared, love itself multiplies. This practice leaves us brimming with love and happiness. Siddha Jeeva Chikitsa is by far the easiest way to restore love and happiness.

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