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Why asking the patients about their ailments is not always the right thing to do?

Nadi Pariksha is the core of Ayurvedic Diagnosis. At Nadichikitsa Wellness Pvt Ltd., it is the practice that, the doctor will not ask the patient what is ailing. By feeling the pulse in the radial artery, the doctor will investigate the ailment and its root cause.

The body gets influenced by subtle thoughts and feelings. For example; anxiety during an interview can cause butterflies in your stomach which may have caused a loose bowel. These subtle thoughts about the result of an interview, the feeling of anxiety, and its effect on the body indicate a cause and effect, resulting in a symptom. Ignoring this symptom can further cause other physical ailments which can be prevented.

A patient may not always remember the sequence of events that have triggered the loose bowel. There is only one way to diagnose this cause and effect, and that method of diagnosis is Nadi Pariksha.

It is different from other methods of diagnosis because, here, the doctor doesn’t have to ask the patient any questions prior to performing the diagnosis. The doctor can identify the symptom and its root cause by feeling the Pulse in the patient’s radial artery.

At Nadichikitsa Wellness Pvt Ltd., Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy practices Nadi Pariksha. He comes with experience of over 20 years in this method of pulse diagnosis.

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