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Who is your pillar of strength?

Each and everyone of us need a leaning post. We also call it, our pillar of strength. Who is your pillar of strength? The real pillar of strength lies within. You connected within to your Inner Self when you were a kid. You did not need any meditations to centre yourself to connect within. As you grew, your parents taught you to believe in them and you considered them as your pillar of strength. You learnt to rely on them blindly and believed that they wouldn’t let you down.

As you grew, your older sibling, friends and then a best friend and then your spouse, then your children became your pillar of strength. Now, the question you need to ask yourself is this – What will happen to you when one of your pillars of strength gives way?

Restore your Pillar of Strength

As long as your pillar of strength is outside of you, you stand to suffer when that pillar of strength wobbles. Your pillar of strength must be within you always. When your pillar of strength is restored within you, your self confidence will then be unshakable. You stand firm with rock solid footing. You need meditations to centre yourself.

How does Meditation Restore my Inner Strength?

Meditation is a practice to observe everything as a witness. With practice, the mind becomes sublime when none of the beliefs, patterns and tendencies are triggered. Then, one thought is enough to manifest anything. However, when the mind is crowded with thoughts, feelings, images and movies from the past and the future, it needs to first be centred. By centring the mind, you bring focus within, and that opens the doors to your Inner Self. The meditations we practice and share help us centre easily and connect to the Inner Self. With practice basic as well as advanced Meditators can experience connecting to the Inner Self.

Meditations to Centre Yourself

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