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Meditation posture



Connect within to the Source

Meditation is merging with God. When you allow God to flow through you, when you allow God to take charge of your life, then, all your troubles are taken care of. You no longer have to worry about anything. When God takes over, you just need to listen and act according to the guidance you receive from God. It’s that simple.

Meditation is simple. In fact, it is simpler than all those things you do everyday of your life.

Meditation also heals many illnesses. We have personally witnessed people miraculously healing from brain injuries, cured from cancer, and several other illnesses.

Antargat Dhyan helps you connect with your Inner Guide, the Higher Consciousness, so that you can experience pure and unconditional love. Antargat Dhyan is also a powerful practice to get all the guidance you will need in life.

Why do I need to connect to my Inner Guide?

Our Higher Consciousness is like a GPS which is able to see in all directions from above. So, while we are moving ahead in life, it is common sense to connect with a GPS that will help us find our way.

This practice is extremely helpful in filling us with unconditional love and provides is with the much needed guidance in life.

Picture this… Your parents depend on you. Your wife depends on you. Your children depend on you. Your home rent, vehicle loan, home loan, your Child’s education, everything depends on you. Now ask yourself this question. If all this depends on you, whom do you depend on?

When people don’t find their core strength, they depend on food, money and get trapped in relationships for security and support. Unable to find the much needed security and support, they overeat or hoard money. The never ending lack of food and money can cause anxiety, depression and such a person can also develop suicidal tendencies.

Women also suffer from lack of true support and inner strength. Such women can turn towards compulsive shopping and may also indulge in excess food intake and unhealthy relationships.

Antastham Shakti Dhyan connects you to your core strength

Antastham Shakti Dhyan connects you to your core strength, your Higher Consciousness. Your Core Strength is your pillar of strength. When you align with your pillar of strength, you can receive tremendous security, support, and trust.

Antastham Shakti Dhyan is a powerful practice to receive all the spiritual nourishment you need.

The thumb meditation is the simplest of all meditations and also the most powerful of them all. This technique was taught by Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Practicing this technique for a little less than 29 minutes can get us to experience Samadhi. This is true. Mahesh Krishnamurthy and several others have practiced and experienced the great Samadhi.

So-Hum Meditation is by far the most common meditations. However, there are several misconceptions about the way this mediation must happen. People often get into this practice with the intention to control the mind. So-Hum meditation is practiced to enhance your ability to stay aware. With increase in practice duration and intensity, one can be totally integrated in awareness.

Meditation Audio Guide

Meditation Audio Guide

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