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Radha Chintala

Sir, today I have seen something amazing results of Marma. Sir… Dasha Vayu along, I id stomach points to my mom. She had chronic gastritis. After the therapy… she could feel the difference. She is comfortable.  Today, one more time… she is very happy. No medicine today. Thank You Gurudev for teaching and spreading happiness. Thank You God, for choosing me as an instrument. Thank You Mahesh ji.


Good evening Sir! I am Sapna, your Marma Chikitsa students from Hyderabad. I would like to share one experience of the outcome of Marma Chikitsa that I did on Saturday, to one of my female yoga students who had back pain. After performing Marma Chikitsa, she felt immediate relief from the pain and stiffness in her back. Thank You for guiding us and teaching us such unbelievable techniques.

Unknown woman

Namaste Sir, This is Madhavi. I was  your subject in Hyderabad Marma Chikitsa training. You demonstrated Marma Chikitsa on my body to cure gastritis, running nose and travel sickness. Today, I am free from my gastritis, running nose as well as for travel sickness. I came back to my home town without any tiredness. I am resuming work. It was such a beautiful experience Sir, being relieved of my symptoms.


  • Learn to balance the ten Vital Vayu that prevent heart problems, snoring and restores sleep
  • Learn to relieve symptoms of digestive system such as bloating, gastritis, constipation
  • Learn to relieve respiratory disorders such as asthma, shallow breathing and get over your fatigue and morning sickness…
  • Learn to  relieve muscular symptoms such as low back pains, neck pain, cervical spondylitis …
  • Learn to provide relief to people suffering from neurological symptoms
  • Learn to provide relief to people with diabetes, chronic fatigue, fatty liver disease …
  • Learn how you can cure migraines headaches, persistent thirst, sinusitis …
  • achieve weight loss and great health…



Nadichikitsa’s Training will take you through 3 major stages of learning to help you get grasp of anatomy according to Ayurveda, learn Marma Chikitsa and how you can help yourself and others get relief from pain, reverse ageing and much more. See details of each stage


Relearn the basics of your body and how it functions. What organs constitute the body and how doshas behave. This learning is needed before you begin to learn Marma Chikitsa and its effectiveness on the human body.


Learn how to restore balance of Vayu in the body. Learn how you can balance the 10 Vital Vayus of Prana, Apana, Udana, Samana, Vyana, Naga, Kurma, Krikala, Devadatta and Dhanjaya. Instantly cure gastritis, constipation, urinary problems …


Learn to cure or manage symptoms such as asthma, snoring, shallow breathing, low back pains, cervical spondylitis, diabetes, migraine, epilepsy, cardiac disorders such as heart attacks, high Triglycerides, back pains, shoulder and Elbow pains



Nadichikitsa’s Training will take you through 3 major stages of learning to help you grasp Marma Chikitsa, and help people regain their health without the use of medicines.


How did your body come into existence? What makes it been good health?

In order to know how to take care of your body, you first need to understand the basics of creation and its principle. In this first stage, you will learn from lessons that will help you understand the basics of creation and how your body came into being.

This is particularly important for you to know because, the fundamentals of creation are the basic principles on which the body also sustains its existence, growth and sustenance.

Did you know that your body is a sensitive and intelligent machine? What makes it work so efficiently?

Your body is potent with energy. The movement of energy in various forms is caused by Vayu. When the body experiences excessive activity, Vayu increases resulting in the birth of symptoms. Vayu causes ageing of the body.

Marma Chikitsa is a method through which you can easily and effectively reduce Vayu and its effects on the body.

Vayu also influences the other two doshas of Pitta and Kapha. These two doshas can also create obstacles to the flow of Vayu.

Through Marma Chikitsa, several symptoms such as gastritis, constipation, diabetes, indigestion, low back pains, headaches, migraines, cervical pains and several other symptoms can be cured. Subtle energy channels get cleansed and function properly with Marma Chikitsa.



When you register, you will get access to all the self paced learning lessons that will enable you to understand the fundamentals of Ayurveda. This will help you understand how your body works. You will also learn to design a healthy diet and effect lifestyle changes that will help remedy several symptoms and maintain physical, mental and emotional health.

In the classroom sessions, you will learn how to apply Marma Chikitsa in different health conditions and restore greater overall health.

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Marma Chikitsa Online Training

Nadichikitsa’s Training will…

Teach you the basic constituents that make the body

Helps you realise the hidden values of the human body

Helps you learn the best techniques of Marma Chikitsa

Helps you learn to cure as well as manage several symptoms symptoms

Helps you plan a healthy diet and effect healthy lifestyle changes


Dr Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Director, Nadichikitsa Wellness OPC Pvt Ltd


Q: What happens after I register?

A: Upon registration you will receive confirmation on your email. Thereafter, you will receive a link to your self paced online training that will help you learn all the basics that you will need before you begin Marma Chikitsa Live trainings.

Q: Is the course guaranteed, can I ask for refunds?

A: Of course! the course in 100% guaranteed. We will refund any fees upto 3 days after commencement of the course.

Q: Are you sure the content is genuine?

A: This training course stands on its own with original content provided by our instructors. We haven’t used any online resources free or paid.

Q: Where do I go upon finishing the course?

A: Towards the end of the training, you will receive a certificate. Further, we will orient you towards the right direction so you know how to apply all the knowledge.


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Nadichikitsa’s Training Courses are highly recommended to anyone interested in developing knowledge of Ayurveda or commercial use or for self care. Several doctors have taken Marma Chikitsa Training and have upscaled their work and helped scores of people.

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