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Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy has over 17 years of experience in Nadi Pariksha – Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis. His work on root cause diagnosis and appropriate therapy has transformed lives of over 50,000 people. He has helped people who are physically ailing, people in emotional distress and in relationship crisis.

Over the years, Dr. Mahesh has developed his intuitive ability to work with his clients remotely. This has led him to Consult Online also with his clients.

His Vision

Dr. Mahesh focuses on reviving ancient techniques practices regarding Nadi Pariksha and Marma Chikitsa and strongly encourages his clients to follow him on this. The use of Nadi Pariksha and Marma Chikitsa ensure pain free rejuvenation and peace of mind. He is pursuing his vision steadfast in establishing an institute of Nadi Pariksha.


We constantly invest our time in you for your betterment

Mahesh Krishnamurthy, Nadi Pariksha, Pulse Diagnsois Expert

Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy was selected for a National Nature Leadership Camp at the National Defence Academy, Khadakvasla, Pune. He was adjudged the best camper of the Year.

In 2002, he was invited to join as a Senior Research Fellow in a Centre of Excellence in medicinal plants. His research was mainly on Yoga and Ayurveda. During this period, he learnt Nadi Pariksha in the foothills of the Himalayas.

In 2007, Dr. Mahesh realised his life’s calling. His work to bring people back to good health and infuse love in their hearts has transformed the lives of countless people. From 2008 to 2015, Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy had 3 intense experiences that almost took his life. He has had profound learnings from these experiences which, he uses in his day to day work to transform people’s lives.

In February 2020, He received an Honorary Doctorate for his relentless work in the field of Nadi Pariksha.

He has authored two books and published papers.

Read more…

Call: +91-8448-499-329

Articles Published and Papers Presented

Mahesh Krishnamurthy has been writing regularly as his blog post and also in various magazines. He has also contributed actively to the speaking tree of Times of India Group.

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★ Articles in Health magazines including Heritage Amruth, Artha Health Magazine, popular Newspaper dailies, Punarnava Ayurveda World Conference Souvenir

★ Talks and Workshops on Yoga, Holistic health and Dinacharya at various forums including schools, colleges and International Conferences.

★ Talk at Central College, Bangalore – Yoga, a way of living

★ Yoga workshop at Digital Technologies, Bangalore

★ Yoga workshop at Verisign Technologies, Bangalore

★ Workshop at Rail Wheel Factory, Govt. of India, Bangalore – Vigilant Mind equals Right Action

★ Talk on Mental Health on Chandana “All India Radio’s FM Radio Channel”

★ Yoga Workshop at FLRHT for Foreign Nationals

★ Talk at Sardar Patel High School, Bangalore – Yoga for better academic performance

★ Interactive Talk at Income Tax Department, Bangalore – Yoga, a way of living

★ Talk at Kumaran’s school, Bangalore – Dinacharya

★ Talk at Gear Foundation School, Bangalore – Dinacharya

★ Interactive Talk at School of Ancient Wisdom, Bangalore – The Science of Yoga, Talk at Yukti outreach programme

★ Yoga workshop at International Conference on Yoga and Ayurveda at Rishikesh

★ Talk at HAL Management Academy, Bangalore – Dinacharya

★ Workshop at School of Ancient Wisdom, Bangalore – Yoga and Ayurveda for you

★ Talk at School of Ancient Wisdom, Bangalore – Intentions for better productivity – Exide Battery company

★ Interactive Talk at Parkinson’s Disease Society. of Karnataka, Bangalore – Happiness for good health

★ Talk at Indian Railways Officer.s Training Centre – Baroda – Dinacharya – How discipline contributes to your commitment to the organisation

★ Talk at Sri Aurobindo Women’s Council, Bangalore – Effect of Forgiveness & Gratitude

★ Talk at Gokhale Institute of Public Affairs, Basavanagudi, Bangalore – Spiritual Healing

★ Training at Airtel Corporate Office, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore – Enhancing Self Confidence

★ Training at Prestige Angsana, Doddaballapur Road, Karnataka, for Airtel – Being Love and Joy

★ Talk at Vidya Mandir Education Society, Malleswaram, Bangalore – Self Discipline

★ Talk at Mantri Elegance, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore – Tools for Transformation

★ Training at Taj Westend, Race Course Road, Bangalore – Tools for Transformation

★ Workshop at Featherlite Pottery Town Govt. High School, Bangalore – Tools for Self Transformation

★ Talk at Bangalore Club – Tools for Self Transformation

★ Talk at Yogarambh – World Yoga Day – 21st June 2015

Forgiveness & Gratitude Workshops

Nadi Pariksha Training Workshops

★ Marma Chikitsa Training Workshops

Work Experience

Mahesh Krishnamurthy’s learning curve from various institutions

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★ 2014 – Current – Studying and teaching Ravana Nadi

★ 2009 – 2014 – Studied Vaidya Samgraha Ayurvedic text that was published in 1885

★ 2001 – 2007 – Learnt Advanced Yoga Practices from various institutes in Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Maharashtra.

★ 2003 – Learnt the art of Nadi Pariksha (Ayurvedic Pulse diagnosis) in the foothills of the Himalayas in Dehradun and Mussoorie.

★ In 2003, established a Library of Yoga Shastras (manuscripts) at FRLHT. During this period developed a sound understanding of the principles of Ayurveda to provided a structure for treatment of patients by integrating Yoga and Ayurveda.

★ 2004 – till date – Further learning on Nadi Pariksha through Ayurveda Manuscript, ‘Vaidya Sangraha’ written by ‘Vd. Hosapandita Bheemaraya’ of the erstwhile Mysore State, Published in 1885.

★ Until now – Successfully done more than 45000 Nadi Pariksha in Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai, Tiruvannamalai (Abode of Sri Ramana Maharshi), Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Rishikesh (To the Secretary to Muniji of parmarth Niketan Ashram and others), Badrinath (to the Ravalji of Badrinath Shrine and devotees), Kailash Mansarovar and Karnal.

★ in 2012, he became the first person in the country to be invited by Department of AYUSH and National Rural Health Mission to train over 160 Government Ayurvedic Medical Officers in Nadi Pariksha. The training was conducted over a period of 2 years.

★ in 2015 Mahesh Krishnamurthy was invited to present two papers at the 58th All India Ayurveda Congress in Chandigarh.

Past Clients

The following are the list of past corporate clients that Mahesh Krishnamurthy has served;

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★ Verisign

★ Digital

★ Infosys

★ Airtel

★ Aurobindo women’s council

★ Overseas women’s council

★ Income Tax Department

★ HAL Management Academy

★ Rail Wheel Factory (Formerly – Wheel and Axle Plant)

★ Indian Railways


★ Consultation provided to over 45000 individuals from India and



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As a student, you need to figure out what you are passionate about. Those days are gone when you earn a degree and go about begging for a job. What the market needs is your passion. If you are passionate about anything and work towards it, you win. Passion is everything. When you have passion, you don’t tire. You are in love with your job. You live to work. You live to love life.

What does your heart say! Connect with Mahesh Krishnamurthy today.

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As a student, you need to figure out what you are passionate about. Those days are gone when you earn a degree and go about begging for a job. What the market needs is your passion. If you are passionate about anything and work towards it, you win. Passion is everything. When you have passion, you don’t tire. You are in love with your job. You live to work. You live to love life.

What does your heart say! Connect with Mahesh Krishnamurthy today.

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Are you too scared to find your passion? I was too. When I wanted to shift from computers to Ayurveda, my family thought I had lost my mind. The decision I took in 1998 has paid off. Today, 21 years later, I am happy I took that chance. I am happy where I am and steadily growing.

It is important to find your way before you lose your mind and peace doing what you no longer aspire to do.

Connect with Mahesh Krishnamurthy today. Let your passion light your way forward.

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A middle aged man came to me for career guidance. A job proposal which addressed the core area he was wanting to work in had arrived. It was his dream job. He had the skills he needed. However, he had 6 job changes in about 3 years. This data could pull his chances of getting his dream job.

We worked on his skills. He changed his perspective and presented himself in his interview. Today, 5 years on, he is still in love with his dream job. He has travelled to several countries on his mission to connect the world electronically.

What is your need? Let’s work together so that you can realise your dream.

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Our daughter was 11 years of age when she decided that she wanted to become a professional dancer. It took us parents about a year to discover what is best for her. We contacted various people who adopted off-beat education including home schooling. Then we took the plunge. We discussed with our daughter the future course of her education and life. Then, we took her off school and began homeschooling her. She cleared her 10th grade happily. Her education is continuing at home. She is steadily on her path to realise her dream. As parents, we stood beside her to realise her dream. Yes! It takes courage to think beyond the system and we are here to help.

In another instance…

A senior official of a government organisation approached Mahesh Krishnamurthy for a consultation. He has a daughter who was then 23 years of age. She had just completed her graduation and they thought the best solution was to get her married. However, their daughter had a different aspiration. She wanted to study and work abroad.

Her dream created shivers in them because of their lack of confidence. Famous astrologers asked him to get her married off assuring them of a golden wedding bliss post her marriage. They were utterly confused.

With proper guidance from Mahesh Krishnamurthy, they gave consent to their daughter’s dream. She pursued her further education abroad, and went on to work in Europe. Two years after her work, she told her parents that she was ready for marriage.

A suitable boy was chosen and the wedding happened.

Wouldn’t you want your children to remember you for all the right things that happened in their life?

Connect with Mahesh Krishnamurthy today.

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Nadi Pariksha Pulse Diagnosis Book

This book is based on Ravana Nadi. This book helps the Vaidya learn the basics of Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis. The basics itself can take several months for the Vaidya to master. Nadi Pariksha is the actual diagnostic technique used by Ayurveda Doctors or Vaidyas as they are called. This diagnostic technique is used to forewarn the patient about potential health risks that will manifest. Such diagnosis even today exists only with Traditional Indian Vaidyas. What readers say Reader’s say this is the first Pulse Diagnosis Book “Nadi Pariksha: The Sacred Science of Pulse Diagnosis” that gives actual and detailed information about performing Nadi Pariksha. It includes references from the ancient texts and how to go about doing Pulse Diagnosis which is the first book of this kind.

You can learn to diagnose any symptom your client is ailing with. And you don’t have to ask your client before performing Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis.

You will learn how to diagnose predominating Dosha or imbalances and their Guna or characteristics which are Sheeta or cool, laghu or light, khara or rough, ruksha or dry, vishad or clear, chala or unsteady, and sukshma or feeble of Vata dosha. Like wise of Pitta and Kapha dosha also have their characteristics which you will learn to diagnose. You will also learn how to diganose Nirama or normal flow without any obstruction and Sama Gati or a flow of energy that is similar to regurgitation due to block in the nadis.

There are several Gati or types of movement which are not commonly available to diagnose such as Shatapatra or like that of a woodpecker, Kaka gati or moves like a crow, Kapota Gati or moves like a pigeon, for which you find mention in this book.

After diagnosing a client’s Nadi, it is important to medically evaluate the diagnosis. This is called Samprapti. In this Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis Book, the Author has demonstrated how Samprapti or evaluation is arrived at after diagnosing a client.

Must for every doctor irrespective of any pathy
Very informative, simple language with examples

very good book.
if someone want to learn nadi pariksha then this will be very helpful.nice exaplanation.

What does she really want - know why does a woman feel so hurt and so easily

A relationship between a husband and wife can be tough. Knowing what the wife needs is almost impossible for a man to understand. Even though a woman leaves her clues behind, a man simply doesn’t know how and where to look for them. He is logical and assumes that he is right. However, he often doesn’t know how to get to her heart.

Meanwhile, she is emotional and believes that she is taken for granted. Heartbroken, she resigns. He too is hurt and hopeless.

In this book, Mahesh Krishnamurthy gives some tips for a healthy married life and shares effective strategies and workable solutions to resolve any issues between husbands and their wives. It is possible for a husband to know what his wife really wants and reach her heart. This book does not offer quick-fix solutions. One needs to practice the techniques mentioned in this book to see results.

Awesome read!
I read this book almost in one go – I found it very well written, easy to read and understand.
The book contains a nice mix of examples from real life as well as Mahesh’s opinion.
This book will accompany me throughout my life.
I look forward to reading it again – more slowly and spending more time on the details.

Amazon Customer

Must Read
This is a brilliant book about relationships and who better than Mahesh Krishnamurthy to talk about it. What I love about the book is it’s simplicity and non complex writing. Mahesh has this amazing way of connecting with the audience that you will surely find this book enticing.

Amazon Customer

A good read for All
The Author gives an insight to help us know why we behave the way we do. Ideas, suggestions given can help anyone become successful and lead a happy balanced life. The book touches on the basics and every line has a take away that can be useful.


Great book
That is a very good book about relationships. Beautiful crafted words and easy to apply n understandable tools to get the love flowing.

Amazon Customer

Good one
Its a Good book. All men getting married or those who are already married should definitely give it a read.

Samrat Das

Good insights
Great book to understand your Better half better

Haneesh U

Must Read!
This is definitely a must read …!!


Well written
Very nice book


Client Speak

  • Really surprised how can someone share such insights about a person just by checking nadi for few mins. Dr. Mahesh told me certain things which I also didn't tell anyone. Would love to spend more time understanding self & remedy to rectify some of the anomalies. Thnx doc
    Kumkum Datta Client
  • Fantastic and mesmerising experience. I am glad I connected with him, while our first interaction was very random, I am happy that I called him. As he mentioned and I believe : when its the right time, all will fall in line, so probably this is the right time. Make it count ! Looking forward to stay connected with him.
    Saurabh Mehra Client
  • Mahesh was graceful in his approach of diagonising and communicating the basics of marma chikitsa. Had a very good experience of the flow of prana and how we balance to lead a healthy and peaceful life through caring and sharing. Thanks for sharing this knowledge..
    Krishnappa Bheemanna Client
  • Pleasent experience, Learnt thinking beyond the boundaries, Every one should learn marma chikitsa, We can change our life style in an accurate manner.
    Akshay Anand Client
  • Dr. Mahesh is a very friendly and listens to the problems patiently. He has great respect towards his work and the patients. Prays before starting his Nadi Pariksha everytime. He helped to cure the problem in my lungs and breathing. He is well versed with Ayurveda. And is quite skilled in addressing emotional problems. He gives a complete diagnosis of the body, an alternative to a general health check-up.
    Krishna Manohar Client
  • Amazing...your life problems are analyzed and you will be arriving at solutions in your first consultation. I have visited many doctors, astrologers etc but this is different and I wonder why I have not visited him early but as they old saying goes " at a right time you will meet right people". I suggest to people who are suffering from stress and helplessness in life to meet this person at least once. Thanks to Mahesh for his help.
    Murlidhar Rangaraju Iyengar Client
  • My experience with Mr. Mahesh has been magical! We reach his place and at once feel at peace! We enter his office and we don't utter a word... he asks for the left hand first and then the right hand - as though the body has been whispering to him - he starts talking about issues and concerns that only we know of. He is someone who takes active interest in the issues a person has and guides them accordingly and completely. The practices he makes you do at his office is powerful and when he guides you to do that on a daily basis - please do so. I have seen immense benefits and changes just in 2 days of practice and visit. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has been going through unexplainable issues that modern medicines are unable to heal. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    Sunil Bhatia Client
  • Simply Amazing !!!! What Dr Mahesh can diagnose (pretty accurately) by only reading ones pulse is fascinating , result of which one can avoid the trauma and costs of blood tests scans etc which would otherwise be necessary. Significantly the treatment appears to be holistic and re defines the 'root cause' of any given condition.
    Vikram Mathais Client
  • Very few healers truly treat ailments at their root. Dr Mahesh's intuitive wisdom is what makes Nadichikitsa a blessing. Nadichikitsa is an alternative therapy in health that needs to be experienced to know its impact.
    Shaguna Sinha Client
  • I have been to such a detailed explanation of my health condition for the first time and my experience was good enough.I am yet to go through the entire treatment,but my meeting with the doctor was good and he could point out my health problem without me telling him anything.still undergoing treatment expecting good to happen to me!!
    Nidhi Iyer Subscriber
  • Excellent Doctor!!.. before you tell any thing about your desease, he tells every thing one by one.. suggest the right thing and guide in a correct direction. Yet to start the medicstmedi that are prescribed. Over all- very good refreshing consultation!
    Anil Kumar Subscriber
  • I felt very good after my naadichiktsa.Dr.Mahesh recommended a medicine ,which after taking a single dose the heaviness which was there in my body from last so many days went off.Hope to see better results in the future
    Bhavna Gupta Subscriber
  • In my experience, Mahesh Ji was spot on in telling the areas of problem and/or how they have arisen. On further discussion he also stated some facts, solutions and areas to improve but kindly don't go exact word to word as they might be different in your life pertaining from his perspective. The whole diagnosis is absolutely believable and will definitely impact your life for good. Just take care and change past patterns that caused these problems
    Abhinav Oswal Subscriber
  • Heard about Dr Mahesh Krishnamurthy through my friend and had a tough time getting through an appointment as it kept getting postponed due to unavoidable circumtances. However as we finally met, it was worth the wait. Dr Mahesh is a fantastic human being firstly and LISTENED so patiently to us which is the most important thing required when we need some support and am grateful to him and his time. Next his ability to identify the exact issue was very surprising to me as we never discussed our problem but he was accurate to identify and call it out. He definitely has a aura to spread positivity and make a impact on people who are in need. While I definitely am going to continue on the solutions he has recommended, that first visit has left a very positive impact on me and glad got to cross path with such a great person.
    Priya Natekar Subscriber
  • As a therapist I have got to know touch also matters to people. We learned about Marma Chikitsa, a natural healing therapy that will benefit lot of people who under go stress, depression and get great relief for pain too. I am thankful to ma'am for organising and Mahesh Sir to teach this naturally healing process...
    Auricular Therapist Participant
  • This Marma Chiktsa Foundation Course helped me understand the power of psychology and it's influence on our body. The explanation that any issues in our body is connected to our thoughts by sir was awesome. Thanks for this to Mahesh sir and Gayatri for facilitating. ??
    Mahesh J Participant
  • The session was an eye opener to all of us who believed that disease is inside and treatment is from outside.. but this Marma Chikitsa Foundation Course changed my prespective..disease is from outside while treatment is from inside.. thanks maheshji for spending his valuable time to teach the techniques that he has learnt over the years..thanks gayathri ma'am for a very very well organised session
    Sharadha Participant
  • Thanks Gayathri for organising wonderful class. Maheshji taught us &explained very well. I heard about marma, I was searching for a master. Gayatri really helped to fulfil my wish. Mahesh Sir taught us very nicely how to heal our self emotionally & physically & as well as others. Thanks Gayatri&Mahesh sir.
    Usha Participant
  • I used to have acute Immune Hypothyroidism with 100 mcg dose everyday and since 4 years, it is getting treated without any allopathic medicines. Hence, I need to keep a check every month. After attending your course, my sensitivity has increased and by just observing my body and emotions closely, I am able to understand without any test, what the cause and effect of the symptom is.
    Nagaswathy customer
  • Before attending the class, I had massive hair fall, growth of unwanted hair on my face irregular periods and lack of self confidence. After attending the class, I have become more aware fo things that I engaged in. I am noticing that my hair fall issue which was persisting for years has stabilised. This course has not just benefited but changed my entire life and cannot be valued with any amount of money.
    Rekha Customer
  • After attending the classes, I have a massive difference in the way I see and understand my body and being. I am more conscious and aware and have started observing a lot in terms of emotions, reactions and responses. I aam now more aware of what could cause an imbalance. Specifically, speaking, I am now understanding those "Not to do" things and avoiding them as much as possible.
    Guruvayurappa Customer

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