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Improve your digestion

How does your body digest its food?

Did you know that your body takes over a month to derive total nourishment from the food you ate! Learn how your body digests food and how it gets converted into nutrition.

Cure your cervical pains

woman suffering from Cervical spondylosis - neck pain -

Did you know that your cervical pains (radiating neck and shoulder pains) are treatable? In several cases, we have seen a complete cure. Learn how you can cure your cervical pains.

Reverse Fatty Liver Disease

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease - diagnose with Nadi Pariksha

Fatty liver diseases is a condition that comes silently and can slow you down and eventually kill you. Learn the ways to prevent a chronic liver diseases and stay healthy.

Improve your immunity

Natural ways to increase immunity

During this COVID Pandemic, the one thing that can save you is your immunity. Learn natural ways to improve your immunity and keep your body and mind healthy.

Improve your Self Confidence

5 steps to be confident now - self confidence and self respect

Self confidence is everything. People who act with self confidence are physically healthier, mentally more active and achieve more. Learn how you can improve your self confidence.

Cure varicose veins naturally

Vein pain may lead to Varicose veins

Varicose Veins in a problem that begins early. The root cause is bad lifestyle habits. Learn how you can arrest its progression and even reverse it and regain your health.

Cure DNS without Surgery

deviated-nasal-septum - blocked nostril

Deviated Nasal Septum is a common symptom of nostril that is not straight. Often the associated problems are blocked nostrils. Learn to fix your problem without a surgery.

Reverse High Fasting Sugars Naturally

Bring your blood sugars down naturally

High fasting sugars or what is becoming more commonly known as pre-diabetes is reversible and completely curable. Learn how you can fix your high fasting sugars.

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