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Why do we accumulate Emotional Pain?

Emotions are natural to all creatures. Every living creature on this planet Earth responds to love. However, lack of love can cause us to behave in different ways such as; wanting others to be happy, fear of losing a friendship, or our inability to say no. On the other side, when we want more love, we tend to extract more love from our relationships. It could be from another person or even from a pet. This causes us to get attached to the person or pet. Such relationships become toxic and painful. It is common for all of us to experience attachment. We tolerate them and move on. However, certain attachments pose a greater risk to us causing us to compromise. Usually, we like to avoid attachments because of their very nature of clinginess, but, certain close relationships may become unavoidable, and unpleasant causing us to compromise. We don’t seek freedom from pain until a breaking point arrives in our lives.

Do you know that emotional pain creates invisible changes in our body and scars our psyche, sometimes permanently resulting in altered behavior such as schizophrenia? The greater the intensity of pain, the deeper your feelings of hurt, being let down, betrayed, and cheated. By repressing these experiences and denying them and ignoring them, you are allowing these emotions and feelings to manifest in the body as tumors and cancers.

Freedom from Emotional Pain

One mustn’t tolerate or deny emotional pain. Physical symptoms such as migraines, fatigue, and deep tissue pains are indicators that the body and mind can no longer withstand emotional abuse. Do not get used to emotional or physical pain. . You must resolve the cause of the emotional pain at your first available opportunity.

Bhava Vimochana is a psycho-spiritual practice that helps you separate deep-seated emotional pains from repressed experiences and heal the body and mind. People with symptoms such as cancers, tumors, asthma, and several other chronic and acute symptoms find relief after practicing Bhava Vimochana.

What is Bhava Vimochana?

Bhava Vimochana is a mix of practices that include intentional meditations and psycho-spiritual practices. These practices are put to use so that you can access and clear your subconscious inventory of unwanted experiences. The emotions and feelings embedded in these experiences are separated and restored, freeing yourself from pain and suffering.

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