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Clear Energy Blocks

clear energy blocks

Energies are everywhere. Everything is energy. Your thoughts, feelings, words and actions are all energy. Energies influence one another. What you feel is what you attract. For you to receive without resistance, for you to attract abundance in your life, for you to improve your relationships and take it to the next level and for you to deepen your meditation and manifestation, your energy blocks must be cleared. Energies heal quickly and results follow immediately. Negative energies can be removed with specific energising mantras.


Varanasi experience Shiva the great void
Remove Negative Energies With Chosen Mantras

When a Vedacharya chants mantras, the rendition creates enormous vibrations and infuses immense positivity in the environment. His rendition can also destroy the meanest of negative energies. Vedacharya Maunish Vyas chooses specific chants to infuse positive energies. His rendition can destroy negative energies and also remove any effects of it.

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Abundance Attunement - Attract Abundance
Attract Abundance With This Attunement

When you are attuned to lack, you will only attract lack. Merely saying affirmations and actions do not bring in the necessary change no matter how positive you may try to be. Only when you connect to your source within, you will receive abundance. A combination of energy therapy and mantras to connect you with your source within.

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Relationship Attunement (Emotional Therapy)- Improve relationships
Improve Relationship With This Attunement

For a man, to understand his woman is mission impossible. For a women, to get her man to identify the clues are equally challenging. The result of playing blindman bluff leaves the relationship in jeopardy. When you get attuned to your inner peace, you will be able to identify all that is required for you to enhance peace between you and your partner.

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Chakra Attunement - Improve meditation and manifestation

Your chakras are receptors and transmitters of your intent, emotions and feelings. They feed your bio-auric field which silently attracts experiences that reflect your feelings and emotions. Like attracts like. Energy attunement removes unhealthy frequencies and restores divine frequencies in your chakras and your bio-auric field making life beautiful once again.

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How must I come prepared for an energy attunement Treatment?

Energy Attunement Treatment cleanses your chakras and your bio-auric field. This has a deep cleansing effect on your thoughts, emotions, feelings and the subconscious. Specific precautions need to be followed before coming for this treatment. The following are the guidelines;

  1. You must have eaten at least 2 1/2 hours before your energy attunement treatment appointment time.
  2. You must abstain from all kinds of alcohol, smoking, non-vegetarian food, narcotic substances for a minimum of two weeks before the energy attunement treatment appointment.

How long does an energy attunement session last?

An energy attunement session may between 30 and 60 minutes. There is a 15 – 30 minute preparation time before beginning energy attunement.

How can I benefit from energy attunement?

Evergy Attunement is complementary to other therapies and treatments. They do not directly address the ailments but, help remove energies that cause most ailments. This treatment helps in areas that include;

  1. Reduce relationship Stress
  2. Overcome trauma of relationship breakup
  3. Overcome emotional Trauma
  4. Overcome trauma from death of a partner
  5. Overcome trauma from with death of a child
  6. Overcome Sleep disorders
  7. Stop attracting negative energy

Some of the positive effects of energy atonement treatment are;

  1. Deepened meditative experiences
  2. Stronger Intuition
  3. Better sleep

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Energy Attunement
Energy Attunement

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