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What you need to know before booking your first appointment

Nadi Pariksha is done only between sunrise and sunset unless it’s an emergency. At Nadichikitsa, we do not have the facility to take in an emergency and urgent appointments. However, we do take in early appointment requests.

If you are in India, you can book for a Nadi Pariksha in-person appointment or a Doot Nadi Pariksha (Remote consultation) typically between 9:00 am and 6:30 pm. Our calendar fills quickly. If you are not able to find the slot you are looking for, share your concerns with us.

If you are connecting with us from overseas, look at the chart below to understand the times we will connect with your location. Our timings change based on your local weather. 

For example, in the Summer months, we connect with Washington State between 6:30 pm and 9:30 pm India time, which is typically their daylight time. However, during the winter months, we will connect between 5:00 am and 6:00 am India time, which is close to their sunset time.

Times when we connect


Guidelines to follow before your appointment time

The next step is to look at the pre-requisites you will need to adhere to so that you can have a successful appointment. These guidelines must be followed on or before your appointment time.

If you don’t know how to proceed to book your appointment or need more information

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Overseas clients can contact us via WhatsApp audio

Dr Mahesh Krishnamurthy Direct

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Overseas clients can contact us via WhatsApp audio

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Note: If you have been vaccinated, you need to give at least 2 weeks gap before your appointment date.


Nadi Pariksha Feedback

We now have a Global Presence

We now have a global presence. What does this mean to you? You can now have your Ayurveda doctor appointment from any part of the World. Your first consultation at Nadichikitsa Wellness Pvt Ltd is of two kinds. These are for Nadi Pariksha, an in-person meeting for pulse diagnosis (Bangalore only). The second is Doot Nadi Pariksha (Remote Diagnosis for the Rest of  India and the rest of the World). Click on a dot that represents your location and book your appointment.

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Doot Nadi Pariksha
(Remote Diagnosis & Evaluation)


Doot Nadi Pariksha

We have been practising Doot Nadi Pariksha since 2015. During this COVID-19 pandemic, Doot Nadi Pariksha has taken precedence over the conventional Nadi Pariksha Appointment.

How is Doot Nadi Pariksha different from Nadi Pariksha?

Doot Nadi Pariksha is a method of remote diagnosis, and Doot Nadi Pariksha is an online appointment. Here, our Doot Nadi Pariksha Expert will feel his pulse first. Then, he will tune into your consciousness by focussing his gaze on your forehead and then feel his pulse again. The changes in the pulse readings are noted, and then the observations are evaluated and discussed live with you. All our diagnoses, evaluation and investigations are documented for authenticity and accuracy.

How accurate is Doot Nadi Pariksha?

Our doctors have done Nadi Pariksha and Doot Nadi Pariksha on the same client and found the accuracy 100%. We found absolutely no difference between the two except that our client is not sitting in front of the doctor in Doot Nadi Pariksha.

Doot Nadi Pariksha Feedback

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