Constipation can be cured

Constipation is one of the most common and also the most unresolved physical symptoms. There is no particular geographical area where people are not constipated. It\’s prevalent all around the globe. Though many people have made peace with the symptom by drinking large quantities of water early morning, that\’s not really a cure.

Your diet after Recovering from COVID

Proteins are necessary to build our tissue. That makes them necessary for the body to bounce back to great health. However, proteins are difficult to digest. The strong antibiotics and steroids a person takes while fighting COVID weakens the digestive system. Even simple foods take much longer to digest in the body.

So, how can a person who has recovered from COVID digest proteins?

Fight COVID with Ayurveda

Most of us don’t know much about COVID. All that we know is only what we have seen as well as heard from various forms of media. However, what we do know is that fear makes it worse. Stay strong. Stay healthy. We have for you, some simple and doable Ayurveda tips that we ourselves have been following which has kept us healthy. Come, let us learn how we can fight COVID with Ayurveda.

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