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Dr. Mahesh's journey started in 1992 when he was selected as a candidate for National Nature Leadership Camp which was jointly conducted by the National Defence Academy and WWF India. He was adjudged the Best Camper of India for that year. His discipline and dedication towards his work springs from here. In February 2020, he was awarded an honorary Ph.D for his work in the field of Nadi Pariksha. Dr. Mahesh has a natural ability to working with people, their emotions and their psyche. He began working with people when he was barely 21 years of age. Backed by 27 years of practice and experience of working with over 43000 people, Mahesh works with people using his natural ability and his strong intuition. Dr. Mahesh helps his clients understand their health condition. His approach is unique. He spends time with his clients and explains to them how the body and mind are interconnected. This helps his clients realise the extent of abuse they have brought about to themselves. Further, Dr. Mahesh counsels his clients about the possible ways to undo the physical, mental, emotional and psychological damage with simple and actionable remedies. Mahesh Krishnamurthy conducts Corporate Wellness Coaching programmes. His processes helps to enhance employee  physical, emotional and psychological health and self worth and reorients employees' goals, objectives and aspirations towards the company’s goals and objectives. This is what he calls integrity. Mahesh Krishnamurthy is an author. His first book "Nadi Pariksha: The Sacred Science of Pulse Diagnosis is written for Ayurveda Doctors who wish to learn Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis. He has more books coming up. You can purchase a copy of his book from here or download an ebook for your iPad or the kindle edition. Mahesh realised his purpose of life in the year 1999. He had his experience of Self Realisation in the year 2007. In the year 2009, Mahesh had one narrow escape with death and a near death experience. These two experiences brought into Mahesh profound learnings about life. He has since been working with yet another category of clients - people ailing from terminal illnesses. Mahesh is currently engaged in writing his second book on Nadi Pariksha.

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